Our Team

Brace Digital Solutions is an agency based in the Philippines catering to companies and business owners from all parts of the globe who are looking to embrace this dynamic digital world. We offer website design and development services, mobile and web application development, graphic design as well as digital marketing services.

We help businesses realize and strengthen their brand and presence online. We care for our clients’ brands with a persistent pursuit for excellence and quality. We have a keen eye and expert knowledge on the current and ever-changing digital landscape. We are results-driven and innovative.

The Team Members

Josiah Villegas
Founder and CEO
Josiah Villegas has been in digital marketing ever since he graduated from college at De la Salle University. After working in the corporate world for a few years, he realized the desk and cubicle wasn’t really a good fit for him, so he went about doing freelance work for several clients abroad until he gained enough momentum to start his own digital services company, Brace Digital Solutions. With over 8 years of experience in digital marketing and project management, Josiah understands what the clients need when it comes to achieving a holistic digital presence. Apart from his venture at Brace, he also pursues different passions such as functional fitness, sports, obstacle course challenges, travel and more importantly his faith and ministry.
Sarrah Gasendo
Design and Development Manager
Sarrah has been in the web scene since the start of her career. She has been exposed to front-end and back-end development. As a web developer and graphic artist at the onset of her professional life, she has cultivated her eye for art. She loves art just as much as she loves to code. She also worked as a software engineer and she’s now the lead designer and developer for Brace Digital and Design Solutions. Other than art, she loves to sing and dance.
Jeru Gasendo
Front-End Web and Mobile Developer
Jeru takes the lead when it comes to Brace’s Mobile App Development. He has a big appreciation and interest on creativity and design specifically on User Experience (UX) and Human Centered Design. A self proclaimed Entrepreneur and an Independent developer, he’s constantly developing web and mobile applications which he hopes a lot of users will somehow appreciate. He’s also a food enthusiast, moviegoer and a music lover as well. A lot more unnecessary stuff at jeruinthebox.com. AHA!
Krismond Gutierrez
Graphic Designer
Kris works as one of Brace Digital Solutions’ graphic designers. He has been exposed to digital media ever since his college days. Creating digital media content including graphic, poster and logo design and typography has been his outlet to express his creative and artistic side while also working as a software engineer. With more than 10 years of exposure and experience to digital media, he exhibits passion with a keen eye for detail. He is also a tech-gadget geek, drummer and music enthusiast. He enjoys football/soccer, surfing as well and he’s a self-confessed Star Wars fanatic.
Asy Cabanting
Website Developer
Asy is a graduate of Information Technology from the University of Santo Tomas and is one of Brace’s web developers. He also worked as a social media manager and gained experience in digital marketing, photography, and website maintenance as he volunteered in church ministry. He is passionate in photography, sports and technology.
Elysia dela Pena
Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager and Writer
A graduate of Fine Arts – majored in Advertising from the University of Santo Tomas, Ysha is one of Brace’s graphic designers who works on various digital media content such as logos and other branding materials. Other than graphic design, she also works as a social media manager and a writer for one of Brace’s key accounts. Other than the aforementioned, she also does marketing work for various companies. She’s a self-admitted workaholic whose measure of a day well-spent is the amount of work done well.
Kevin Olega
Lead Writer and Blogger
Kevin Olega works as an account manager, social media manager and writer for Brace Digital Solutions.
Follow him as he explores blogging, biking, basketball, business, baking, cooking, finances, gaming, life hacks, martial arts, minimalism, personal development, parkour, travel and more topics at KevinOlega.com