Daily Log System

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Project Description

Brace Digital Solutions launched its first web application project, a daily log system, for Emax General Contractors. This company helps their customers simplify construction processes. Their projects scale from small to large. With their commitment to provide reliable and efficient service, they made sure their internal processes are streamlined by utilizing automated systems.

The daily log system is an online application where users can input their logs for a particular project on a daily basis. This system makes it easier to monitor and report project developments. Superintendents can submit reports of all the work they’ve done for the day for every job they are assigned. They can log all the subcontractors and equipment used every day and other necessary details like weather, job completed, etc.


It also consist of an administrator area, where the admin of the system can manage necessary information such a users, user logs, jobs, subcontractors and equipment. Some of the essential features of the system are the ability to automatically populate active subcontractors and equipment for every job by a particular superintendent and upload project images. With the daily log system ,superintendents can submit their log anytime, anywhere through any gadgets because of its user-friendly and responsive design.

admin_dashboard_full super_dashboard_full list_subcontractors


This Web Application (Daily Log System) is particularly useful for clients in the construction and manufacturing industries looking for a system to monitor and report project developments.

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