Highlight and Promotional Videos

Highlight and Promotional Videos 2019-04-20T16:45:15+00:00

Project Description

As part of Brace Digital Solutions‘ post-production services, we offer the creation and editing of highlight and promotional videos for various clients in the health, wellness, fitness and sporting niches.

In the first video, here’s a highlight video of the event, “The Fittest”. It is the biggest functional fitness competition in the Philippines, with over 400 athletes competing from all across the country.

In the second video, here’s a promotional video we created for our good friends at CrossFit Release. Yes, we love working with CrossFitters, but working with community based facilities have a special place in our hearts!

Fitness brands can benefit a lot from having their promotional videos animated, especially if they’re looking to have a more edgy presentation. Here’s one we created for Warrior the Centre, one of the top fitness facilities in Teneriffe, Queensland.

Project Details