Email Marketing

Email provides the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales and it moves the conversation about your business from the inbox. We’ll create a relevant, targeted and wanted emails to cultivate a relationship with your audience. We assist in attracting more traffic, producing lengthier subscription lists and gaining the trust of your subscribers via email marketing.

Email Marketing Services by Brace Digital

E-mail Marketing Strategy

We will work closely with your company to determine what the objectives are; who the audience will be or is currently; what platform will be used to create and send the e-newsletters; what content the client intends to include, who will be responsible for sourcing/producing the content, uploading it, distributing it and analysing its success; and how often will the newsletters be sent. A professional strategy document will be produced, which will include a content calendar for 1, 3 or 6 months, as appropriate.

E-mail Marketing Production and Distribution

This will follow on from the e-mail marketing strategy and will involve the production of individual or regular e-mail newsletters in the client’s preferred platform, distribution of the newsletter and finally analysis of the distribution statistics and clean-up of the mailing list to remove bounces.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

  • Potential Leads = New Clients/Increased Sales
  • Another way to build relationships with our clients
  • Reduced stress from having a plan and not having to think about what to write each time they sit down to send an e-newsletter
  • They can take comfort in the knowledge that they are staying top-of-mind in their target market on a regular basis, with little or no effort from themselves
  • Increased understanding of online marketing best practices, in simple terms
  • Traffic to website, which would also result in sales